A new project , a new idea , with years of experience , is to contribute our best in the field of real estate services and beyond.

The real estate agent GS Real Estate, is a fact.Initiator and founder, is a seasoned executive market, Gerasimos Semertzis. He and a set of valuable partners, with full cognitive training and accumulated experience, come to offer the full range of services from renting an apartment to buying, selling specialized ones buildings, with the sole purpose of creating goodwill.

The real estate agent GS Real Estate, managed a very large number of properties, in the suburbs of Athens and all over Greece, as well as selected properties in other countries, can meet your requirements in the field of Real Estate.

Driven by providing the best possible service and reliable advisory presence, both buyers and sellers.

Our office provides to sellers clients, infrastructure and the promotion of their properties, which is necessary, both in print and on site, and in Alternative forms of promotion in Greek but also in international market.

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